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Association Speaker: Upcoming Engagements

As a frequent association speaker, it never ceases to amaze how much we can learn from market leading businesses and organizations today. It’s always incredibly uplifting and insightful to connect with today’s most successful enterprises, and hear about the new trends, opportunities and challenges that they’re seeing on a consistent and emerging basis as the market changes and evolves – as well as get feedback straight from the front lines of management, marketing, manufacturing, distribution, sales and customer service. Therefore it’s our great pleasure to announce that we’ll be providing the keynote speech for FEICA (the association of European adhesives and sealants manufacturers) at its 2014 Adhesive and Sealant Conference & Expo, which promises to offer a treasure trove of new insights and learning opportunities for executives.

This year, we’ll be serving as an association speaker contributing to its Business Forum, exploring value creation and businesses strategies that companies and organizations can use to accelerate growth. Needless to say, innovation is top of mind for many enterprises today, as is finding ways to continue to build competitive advantage in ever-changing environments: Among our favorite topics of discussion. As always, we’ll be exploring a number of practical, real-world business examples and case studies, as well as taking a deeper look at how forward-thinking organizations are pioneering new ways to succeed in shifting industries and markets. Needless to say, we expect to pick up a wealth of new insights into emerging strategies and best practices from the audience, as well as hear more about how association members are putting the power of innovation, and an increasing focus on driving ROI for end-users, to work to fuel success and growth.

This year’s conference will take place September 17-19 in Berlin, and promises to top even last year’s turnout, which brought a record  380 delegates from over 30 countries (including delegates from 165 companies) together to learn from and network with one another. We looking forward to seeing you there, and hearing more about how you’re putting the power of innovation and value creation to work to fuel business expansion, and better serve your audience.

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