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Marketing to connected audiences is tougher than ever, necessitating a new approach to public relations (PR), social media and advertising campaigns, as well as supporting consumer outreach efforts.

From inbound marketing to content strategy, search engine optimization (SEO) and affiliate programs, discover how to more effectively connect with audiences, build trust and drive positive word-of-mouth around businesses and brands with our custom workshops, seminars and training programs.

Designed by the field’s most accomplished names – including leading content creators and influencers themselves – these real-world insights and proven strategies demonstrate how modern professionals can generate more engaging public conversations in a high-energy and hands-on format.

Featured Programs Include

  • Marketing and Advertising Reinvented: Online, Print, Digital, TV
  • Social Media Essentials: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and More
  • Public Relations (PR) Confidential
  • Creating Killer Content: From Blogs to Podcasts and Online Videos
  • Inbound Marketing: Driving Value and Engagement
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Secrets
  • Transmedia Storytelling
  • Influencer Marketing and Programs: Get Connected

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