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Among today’s most popular youth speakers for colleges, middle schools, high schools and other educational institutes, Scott’s international speaking presentations are customized for every audience including kids, parents and teachers alike. Tailored for every organization, frequently-requested topics include online privacy and safety, social media, bullying (cyberbullying or otherwise), education and career development, or futurist forecaster insights into emerging markets and trends.

As a leading motivational and inspirational guest presenter for audiences of every level (including grades K-12 and university), Scott provides custom keynotes, workshops, seminars and breakout sessions. Programs are available in 60-minute, 90-minute, half-day and full-day sessions, with optional market research and consulting services available as well for both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

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Click here for more information. A sampling of recent presentation topics includes:

Parenting High-Tech Kids: Raising Connected Teens, Tweens and Children – Today’s digital kids are better equipped to run apps than tie their shoelaces, with four in five children enjoying an online presence by the time they’re two years old – isn’t it time the modern family gave its parenting strategy an upgrade? In this lively discussion, high-tech parenting expert Scott Steinberg, #1 best selling author of The Modern Parent’s Guide series, reveals how to connect with tomorrow’s youth, and make technology a healthy part of your household. From better communications skills to safe computing habits and digital citizenship, both kids and adults will come away from the experience energized and enthused, and aware of how to meet the growing opportunities and challenges today’s high-tech world presents.


Technology for Teachers: The Future of Schools and Education – From interactive apps to virtual worlds, multimedia textbooks and online parent-teacher portals, technology promises a brighter, more connected future for education. Find out how to make high-tech simple via powerful everyday classroom strategies that teachers, educators and instructors can use to excite and engage children in every age group (kids, teens, college, etc.). Via an informative and eye-opening presentation, you’ll learn how forward-thinking schools, administrators and professors are using high-tech tools and gadgets to transform the learning process, and how you can apply new innovation and learning to make kids sit up and take note.


You 2.0: Achieving Personal and Professional Goals – The world has changed for today’s youth, with all the tools, talent and technology they need to succeed suddenly right at their fingertips. Are you empowering yourself to take advantage of it to make personal and professional goals a reality? From cutting-edge approaches to communications and teamwork to bold new ways to bring ambitions to life, this engaging presentation shows attendees how to catalyze personal and professional growth overnight. By leveraging emerging opportunities and trends, anyone can unlock their potential for greatness: Discover how to transform your way of thinking and approach to problem-solving to put yourself on the fast lane to success in no time flat.


Tomorrow’s Career Skills: Excelling in the New Job Market – A new job market demands new skills – suddenly, entrepreneurship, creativity and strategic decision making are talents that every prospective job seeker must possess. In this eye-opening session, leading business and technology expert Scott Steinberg explains why everyone is a work in progress, and how to give both yourself and your career prospects an upgrade. Find out what they won’t teach you in school, and what it takes to succeed in a world of rising competition and growingly commoditized talent. Whether hunting for the position you’ve always dreamed of or simply seeking greater job security, it’s a discussion that students and parents alike won’t want to miss.


Social Networks and Social Media: Helping Kids Make Positive Connections – The expert advice and inside secrets parents need to make Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus (+) and other social networks a safe and enriching part of family life. Through this insightful and uplifting presentation, both adults and children will learn to become better online communicators, safer Internet users and more responsible digital citizens. Includes an in-depth discussion of the new rules of netiquette and online behavior, and safety tips that help can you minimize dangers associated with interacting with strangers and friends online. Also featured: Hints, tips and strategy for addressing growing concerns such as inappropriate content sharing or the risk of identity theft.


Raising Digital Citizens: Internet Safety and Online Privacy for Kids – The new rules of online safety, texting and social networking: How to keep kids safe online on the Web or Internet, including high-tech etiquette, relationship and privacy essentials for all ages. Provides a detailed exploration of how parents, children and educators can work hand-in-hand to make the online world safer for all, and cultivate healthy computing and digital citizenship habits from the earliest age. Attendees of all ages will leave excited to implement hints, tips and strategies that can immediately open lines of communication and transform household interactions for the positive.


Kids and Cell Phones: When to Dial In? – At what age should you give a child a cellular phone or smartphone? Common questions surrounding kids’ technology answered, including the role apps, mobile devices and location-based services can play in your household. Parents will learn at what age children should be introduced to new high-tech devices – and what’s required to ensure that all have a safe, fun and rewarding experience. What does being connected really mean to your child, and the way in which they interact with us? Find out in a fun and fascinating conversation where audience members are encouraged to share their experience and insights.


Make Technology Fun for All Ages – From iPhones to computers and video games, tablet PCs (e.g. the iPad 3) to electronic toys by LeapFrog, VTech, and others, discover when and how to introduce kids to technology, plus instill positive and healthy computing habits. From daily screen time limits to ways families can use apps, websites and online services to educate and entertain, expect an always lively and engaging exploration of how technology can bridge the gap between generations. What technology trends are impacting your children? Find out from technology futurist Scott Steinberg, bestselling author of The Modern Parent’s Guide high-tech parenting series, and how to get more out of leading gadgets, websites and services.

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