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Finance Speaker Banks Insurance Financial KeynoteA celebrated financial speaker and one of the world’s best-recognized experts on online fundraising, Scott Steinberg provides keynote speaking presentations, workshops and seminars throughout the finance industry.

Programs are designed to drive strategic innovation, accelerate growth and fuel forward-thinking approaches to leadership and change management throughout organizations of every size. Frequently presented in partnership with domestic and international trade associations, governments and business leaders, presentations are available for meetings, events, tradeshows, think tanks and executive summits in all territories.

Via a mix of motivational, inspirational and informative keynotes featuring case studies, research and real-world insight, workshops and seminars boost financial institutions’ ability to:

  • Accelerate Growth and Innovation
  • Enhance Leadership and Decision-Making Skills
  • Create High-Performance Cultures
  • Build and Maintain Competitive Advantage
  • Drive Awareness and Acceptance for New Programs
  • Provide Superior Sales and Customer Service
  • Capitalize on Emerging Trends and Opportunities
  • Shape Powerful Communications Strategy



The creator of pioneering works like Becoming Essential and The Crowdfunding Bible, and head of management consulting firm TechSavvy Global, Scott’s research and insight provides unparalleled insight into the shape of emerging trends and markets. Through presentations to and public outreach programs on behalf of executive teams, professionals and organizations worldwide, he collaborates with investment groups, venture capitalists, credit card companies and financial institutions to raise awareness worldwide.

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