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Communications Speaker Marketing PR Public RelationsRecognized as one of today’s best-known communications speakers and business strategists, bestselling author and technology futurist Scott Steinberg presents energizing, high-impact keynotes, workshops and seminars to audiences of every background.

Drawing upon his work in the public relations (PR) and media fields – including appearances in 600+ media outlets from CNN to The New York Times and over 1 billion impressions generated via TV, radio, online and social media networks – participants will discover how to create personal and professional communications strategy that resonates.

Communications Speaker Marketing PR Advertising

Master classes and custom programs are available for every industry, and designed to enhance your corporate business or Technology Speaker Keynote Corporate Businessorganization’s communications and outreach efforts. From empowering executives and teams to communicate more effectively with clients, co-workers and management, to boosting sales presentations and customer-facing initiatives, speeches and presentations can help you:

  • Build teams and strengthen relationships
  • Drive awareness and acceptance for new programs
  • Provide superior sales and customer service
  • Influence decision making and purchase patterns
  • Create and implement powerful change management strategies
  • Boost productivity and performance
  • Motivate and inspire positive growth and change


A dynamic presenter for corporate audiences, including management, marketing and sales teams, Scott’s results-driven, high-energy presentations provide the perfect kick-off or Social Media Strategy for Businesscomplement to domestic or international corporate events, meetings and conferences.  Whether seeking PR, marketing or media training, we invite you find out how the creator of groundbreaking works such as Becoming Essential and The Business Etiquette Bible can accelerate growth and innovation for your company today.

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