Hiring A Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker for Corporate Business MeetingsWant to hire a keynote speaker to motivate and inspire your company or organization? The good news: Plenty of excellent and highly professional choices will present themselves. However, picking the best professional speaking expert to headline a meeting or event, or manage breakouts, workshops and seminars isn’t always simple, given the selection – yet the decision is tremendously important to making sure your program excites and engages individuals and teams, and kicks off on the right note. Following are several hints, tips and strategies meeting planners or special events professionals should keep in mind when selecting a motivational or key note speaker.

Types of Professional Speakers

Start by considering the role the speaker will play for your conference program, as many types of key note speakers are available, including:

  • Motivational SpeakersMeeting and Event Planners Keynote Speakers
  • Inspirational Speakers
  • Corporate Speakers
  • Marketing Speakers
  • Futurists and Trend Experts

Ask yourself: Which is appropriate for the audience and program in question? Next, think about the results you’d like to achieve, and why you want to hire a keynote speaker, with common reasons including to:

  • Educate
  • Motivate
  • Fuel Change and Growth
  • Promote Awareness
  • Inform or Entertain

How to Hire a Keynote Speaker: Tips for Meeting and Event Planners

Planning Your Conference or Event

Corporate Speaker Keynotes Business EventReady to plan your special event? Start by considering date, time, budget, location and venue for the meeting, and which professional speakers can service both the industry and area. Also take into account the type of presentation you’d like to offer audiences, and in what form (master class, after-dinner presentation, seminar, inspirational morning kick-off, workshop, etc.).

Note that speakers differ in their specialties: Motivational speakers often promote growth and positive action; inspirational speakers fuel change and encourage peak performance; and keynote speakers inform, excite and drive greatness on the personal, professional and organization levels. All play useful roles in ensuring a successful event.

Other Points to Consider

You’ll want to keep in mind the following when planning your next convention, tradeshow or meeting as well:

  • Clearly establish the purpose, topic and vision for the event up-front
  • Consider audience makeup and demographics, and the type of speaker most likely to resonate
  • Ask professional colleagues and connections for key note speaking references and recommendations
  • Think about which types of speakers have been successes in the past with similar audiences
  • Make sure you align keynote speakers and topics with key decision makers’ vision for the program

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