Change Management Speaker


Discover how to transform the unknown and uncertain into opportunity using the same change management processes and secrets as today’s top innovators. Through keynote speeches,Change Management Speaker Business Leadership breakouts, workshops and consulting programs, world-renowned business strategist Scott Steinberg reveals how you and your organization can thrive and grow in an age of constant change and upheaval. The head of famed market research and management consulting firm TechSavvy, his presentations, seminars and master classes demonstrate how to see ahead of the curve, plan successful change management strategies and gain competitive advantage in turbulent times and markets.

Change management speaker Scott Steinberg

Change management speaker Scott Steinberg

Combining practical, real-world insights and actionable advice with detailed business intelligence and case studies, programs demonstrate how to successfully capitalize on shifting times, trends and audience expectations: Including how to best position your business, brand, organization for success going forward. Designed to educate, empower and inspire positive change management throughout every level of the organization, custom presentations are built to both motivate and entertain, and providing immediate next steps for acting upon the solutions presented.

Results Include

  • Actionable business strategy and organizational shiftsChange Management Corporate Business Speakers
  • Scenario planning and development for multiple outcomes
  • Identification of preferred business, management and marketing solutions
  • Detailed look at competitive spectrum and rivals’ positioning
  • Forecast of future trends, shifts and growth agents
  • Recommended go-to-market strategy


A strategic advisor to Fortune 500 firms, trade associations, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and investors who’s been hailed as a leading strategic consultant and trends expert by 600+ outlets from BusinessWeek to TIME, Newsweek, NPR, The Today Show and The Wall St. Journal, Scott Steinberg has helped dozens of partners explore emerging trends and adapt to changing customer needs. Clients include Procter & Gamble, Ford, Sears, Microsoft, Sony, MTV, ESPN, Intel, LeapFrog, Activision-Blizzard, American Express and more.

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