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Leading business strategist and technology futurist Scott Steinberg spends several hours weekly consulting with entrepreneurs, executives, startups, small businesses, investors, attorneys and venture capitalists. As the CEO of TechSavvy Global, among the world’s most celebrated sources of strategic consulting and market research, he provides clients with insights and advice tailored to their individual needs.

Available on request, these 60-minute consultations will:

  • Help you create competitive strategy by providing strategic looks at the shape of emerging business, social and technology trends that affect your organization or industry.
  • Aid with the creation of new products, services and markets and powerful communications, marketing, PR or content strategy around these initiatives.
  • Deliver deeper insight into the competitive makeup of global marketplaces and how to best position products, services and brands for success within them.
  • Provide assistance with executive coaching, corporate training or sales presentations.
  • Ensure that advertising and promotional efforts effectively connect with your target audience, and help you drive heightened conversation and consumer takeaway around initiatives.
  • Discover how to leverage organizational resources and intellectual capital for optimum return on investment.
  • Improve speaking and communications skills, and deliver sales presentations that engage and connect with customers in ways the competition can’t.

Telephone consultations are booked in 60-minute blocks, with affordable pricing provided to meet your personal, professional or organizational development needs. For more information, please contact our office today.

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